Interior Features

The story of the gardens continues in features throughout the room, including sculptural vines on the walls, natural oak wood throughout, and carpet and upholstery in shades of green. The columns and lights surrounding the room represent the twelve tribes of Israel and their story in the Old Testament and the apostles who are pillars of the New Testament.

Baptismal Font

The baptismal font is patterned after the 17th century font in St. Andrew’s Church in Epworth, England, where John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism were baptized. The water bubbles up, a reminder of the living water Christ offers us. Our font is not on the chancel, but on the floor among the congregation, a reminder that in baptism we formally become a part of the family of God.

Altar Table

The altar is curved, a reminder of the formal dining tables of the first century, called a triclinium, and likely the kind of table where Jesus sat during the Last Supper (though his table would have been much lower). The top is bronze, like the altar in Moses’ tabernacle and later Solomon’s temple. This altar reminds us that Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for the world. The three columns that support the table remind us of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Balcony Railings

The metal panels of the balcony railings are etched with flames. The flame used in the United Methodist logo is a sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence and the Day of Pentecost. Acts 2 tells us the Spirit descended upon the first disciples in the form of flames of fire as they prayed in the Upper Room. Our hope is that in the sanctuary, the Spirit descends upon all who gather for prayer and worship.

Stone Water Feature

Three stone water features at sanctuary entrances are meant to be touched. Water is an important element in Scripture with many stories and references. Each time we enter and leave the Sanctuary the water reminds us of our baptism, and Jesus’ words promising living water for our souls.