Resurrection Memorial Garden

Planning for a sacred final resting place

“…nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus our Lord: not death or life.” (Romans 8:38)

A sacred final resting place

The Resurrection Memorial Garden provides a beautiful and meaningful final resting place on the grounds of the church that you have loved and served. Inurnment in the memorial garden is an alternative to burial for those who consider Resurrection their church home, along with their immediate family members. The garden is located beneath the Resurrection stained glass window, just north of the Leawood sanctuary, making it a welcoming, sacred and private place for loved ones to spend time in remembrance, prayer and reflection.

Like the Resurrection Window, the Resurrection Memorial Garden continues the theme of gardens from the Bible. The design includes a columbarium, a landscaped garden with walkways and seating benches, and an inspirational water feature. The columbarium is an arrangement of stone walls with openings in which urns containing the cremated remains of deceased loved ones are placed for permanent inurnment. Bronze plaques on the niches are personalized with the names and life dates of those inurned.

The Memorial Garden will be constructed in phases. The first phase is a circular courtyard with a free-standing stone wall containing 900 individual niches. This courtyard, Courtyard 1, was completed in August 2019. The second phase, Courtyard 2B, is an L-shaped stone wall containing 600 niches, which was completed in January 2021. Courtyard 1 is full, and we are now selling niches in Courtyard 2B. Additional courtyards, stone walls and niches will be constructed as needed. Final plans include nine courtyards to accommodate 5,100 niches.

The cost of purchasing a niche in the Resurrection Memorial Garden is $2,750. This cost includes one individual niche, opening and closing of the niche for inurnment, one standard urn, a blank bronze cover for the niche, record-keeping and maintenance. Not included is the cost of cremation or the personalized inscription on the bronze niche cover.

Steps for Purchasing and Selecting a Niche

To purchase niches in the Resurrection Memorial Garden, contact to schedule an appointment. You may download a copy of the Memorial Garden Agreement for review below. Printed Agreements will also be provided for completion at your appointment. Memorial Garden appointments will begin in the Garden with a tour and a chance to view niche availability; appointments will then transition into Building A to complete paperwork and payment. Payment may be made by check or credit card. At the conclusion of your appointment, you’ll receive a copy of your completed paperwork and a map showing the location of your niche(s).

We live with hope in life eternal and the assurance that even death cannot separate us from God’s love. Preparing for the end of our earthly lives provides peace of mind and a way to continue to care for our family and friends, easing their burden during a time of grief. Preparation can also ensure our final wishes are carried out. At Resurrection, our pastors and funeral program director are available to discuss your plans, which are kept on file with the church. With the construction of the Resurrection Memorial Garden, you can select and purchase a columbarium niche on church grounds as your final resting place.

Questions and Answers

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or (913) 897-0120.

Why did we build a new Memorial Garden?

A memorial garden provides a sacred final resting place for loved ones that proclaims our faith in the resurrection. The Church of the Resurrection has had a memorial garden in the courtyard of Building C, adjacent to Wesley Covenant Chapel, since 1999. We have added to it over the years to accommodate the growing need.

All available niches in the Wesley Garden are sold. We have now sold all niches in the first phase of the Resurrection Memorial Garden, and are now selling for phase two.

Why inurnment in a columbarium instead of burial?
Many people choose inurnment in a columbarium rather than burial in a cemetery because of a desire to be laid to rest on the grounds of the church that they loved and served. The cost of inurnment is usually considerably less than the cost of a burial in a cemetery.
What does the Scripture say about cremation?
Israel’s first king and his sons were cremated following their deaths in battle, but otherwise the Bible is silent about the practice. Throughout history there were Christians whose physical bodies were consumed by fire, including first century martyrs and those who die in fires and war. The destruction of the physical body has no bearing upon one’s resurrection to eternal life. The scripture does teach that our physical body, after death, will return to dust, but we will receive a new spiritual body in heaven.
Do I have to be a member of Church of the Resurrection to own or use a niche in the Garden?
Membership is not a requirement, but the memorial gardens are built for those who consider Resurrection their church home, and their immediate family members.
When will the Resurrection Memorial Garden be built and open?

Courtyard 1 of the Resurrection Memorial Garden opened in the fall of 2019. Courtyard 2B was completed in January 2021. Additional courtyards will be added as needed.

Can I reserve a niche now and pay later?
Unfortunately, no. Because the Resurrection Memorial Garden is self-funded, payment in full is needed at the time you select your niche(s). Future phases will be completed as needed.
Is my purchase of a niche tax deductible?
You are purchasing the niche at fair market value, therefore IRS regulations determine the purchase is not tax deductible.
What if I have family members who want niches together?
Each niche accommodates one individual. Adjacent niches may be purchased if you select and pay for them at the same time.
What will happen to the current Wesley Memorial Garden in Building C? Will additional niches be available?
The current Wesley Memorial Garden will continue to be beautifully maintained and open. Some additional niches may become available for sale after Resurrection Memorial Garden construction is complete.
My loved one's remains are in the Wesley Memorial Garden. Can I have them moved to the Resurrection Memorial Garden?
Yes, that’s possible, but there may be a cost, depending on the circumstances when you purchased the niche. Please contact the Memorial Garden Administrator for additional information.
What if I purchase a niche and then decide to be inurned elsewhere?
If you own a niche and decide later not to use it as you intended, you may gift it to a family member or donate it back to Church of the Resurrection.
I own an unoccupied niche in the Wesley Memorial Garden. Can I trade it for one in the Resurrection Memorial Garden?
Purchased niches cannot be transferred, but you may donate your niche back to the church as a charitable contribution and purchase a niche in the Resurrection Memorial Garden.
Can I supply my own urn for inurnment?
No, the niches and urns are specifically designed to fit within the columbarium and withstand the elements.