Resurrection Leawood Sanctuary

Our sanctuary is designed to be a sacred space, a sermon in architecture, and a tool through which we strive towards our vision of changing lives, renewing churches, and transforming the community.

We offer guided tours on most Friday afternoons. Space is limited, and registration is required. You may register as an individual or as a group. If our guided tour times don’t work for you, the sanctuary is typically open Monday – Friday, 7 am – 9 pm, for prayer and reflection. You are welcome to visit and enjoy this space at your convenience. Please stop by our Connection Point in the narthex to pick up a printed brochure that explains the symbolism in the art and architecture of the building.

There may be occasional times when events are happening in the sanctuary, so we ask that you be mindful of disturbing any ongoing activities.

Step into the Garden

Resurrection began building a permanent sanctuary in 2015, after years of thoughtful discussion about what to build, how much was appropriate to spend, and what the sanctuary should look like. After studying scripture, sacred architecture, and prayerful consideration...

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Exterior Features

Limestone Approximately 20,000 limestone blocks, representing the 20,000 current Resurrection members, form the foundation of the church, reminding us that we are the “living stones” built into a spiritual house described in 1 Peter. Seven Sails Seven stainless steel...

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Interior Features

The story of the gardens continues in features throughout the room, including sculptural vines on the walls, natural oak wood throughout, and carpet and upholstery in shades of green. The columns and lights surrounding the room represent the twelve tribes of Israel...

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